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Cool wallpapers that will enchant every room

Though many of us remember wallpapers as being one of those items our grandmothers used to have in their kitchens, they have come a long way since then. Wallpapers have become the new “IT” item and we are all for it. Not only do they create an engaging space but they allow you to go as creative as possible with your personality. Think of them as the ultimate personality display, with little to no need of added effort. Here are cool wallpapers for every room in your home.

Abstract blue

Bring in an abstract wallpaper with a golden touch to make the room feel as modern as possible.

If bringing personality to your home is your main focus, what better way to do just that then to go abstract?! Abstract decor is perfect for those that want to bring bold touches without having a concise image. Consider going for an abstract blue wallpaper to add color with just a hint of an ingenious color wave. If blue doesn’t happen to be your color of choice consider one with a metallic finish for the perfect appeal.

Simple Stripes

Bring in chic stripes to truly engulf the entire room with ease charm that is just that- charming

For those that are lovers of everything minimal and simple yet want to make a bold appeal- stripes are the way to go. Not only do they add character but they add texture as well. Consider bringing in black and white stripes and having them become the centerpiece of your backsplash. Doing that alone will enhance the room without going overboard.

Large Flamingo

If you truly want to take an additional bathroom to the next level bring in a scattered flamingo wallpaper and have it become an awe moment for the entire room.

Does anything make a statement quite like a bold repetitive pattern? We think not! Therefore, why not bring in a large flamingo patterned wallpaper and embrace it. It’s all about going to be or going home with this idea. Perfect for the foyer or any staircase that needs a little touch of extra. Furthermore, if you have an all-white room and want something fun, bring this wallpaper as an accent piece and watch the entire room come to life.

Animal Print

Break down some of your animal print by adding a plant or two for a dose of freshness that’s easy on the eye while still being indulgent on the eye.

While many Might not consider it a spicy wallpaper idea- animal print is still oh-so-chic. If you have watched the Netflix series, Tiger King than chances are you have become quite obsessed with animal print and we are too. Therefore, bring in a chic animal print accent wall to your dining room and watch the room take on a new life. It’s all about taking your decor to the next level with just a hint of daring charming.


The beauty of brush strokes is just how unique they are so you can instantly go with a bold touch in an array of shades and display.

If being artsy is your thing, you will love the idea of having wallpaper with brush strokes. Brushstrokes are not only charming and fascinating to look at they make an excellent wallpaper. Thanks to coming in an array of hues you have the option of using a colorful picture that will make the room feel bigger and with more character than it typically does.

Constellation Display

When in doubt, bring it to a nursery. The sweetness of a constellation display will instantly reinvigorate a room.

Who doesn’t love the idea of seeing stars at night? If you’re a star gazing aficionado it’s time to take charge and change up your space drastically with a constellation wallpaper. Not only do they look extremely cool but you can have the wallpaper become the statement/conversation piece your bedroom needs. Every room needs something that makes it as personal as possible. That is exactly what a constellation display will do. It will bring a calming vibe to the room while adding color and repetitive texture. It’s all about making the room have that intimate feel throughout.

All About the Tropical

If you don’t want to bring too much color don’t simply work with a monochromatic display that has a few hints of color here & there.

A tropical wallpaper not only bring color and character to a room, but it instantly takes you on vacation. Regardless if you decide to bring banana leaf, mango leaves or even coconut leaves having that tropical feel will instantly transport you to another space. Furthermore, it will make the room feel royal and charming without going overboard with your display. Bring in accents of metallic to complete the tropical almost Florida vibe.

Dark and Edgy

For that edgy approach bring in a metallic touch for the perfect bold take that makes the room come to life.

Just because it’s dark and edgy doesn’t make it any less cool. Darker wallpaper has become the ultimate touch to add to any room. Mainly due to most homeowners wanting to try something new in their home. The key is working with a display that doesn’t overwhelm the room, instead, it adds just a hint of darkness without taking the room to an “emo” extreme. It’s all about giving the room breathing space while still being put together. Think of it as the perfect touch to any room that feels a bit lackluster.

Floral Touch

Bring a vintage touch by adding large flowers that further enhance the appeal of the room.

When it comes to florals, many of us instantly think of dragging shades, intense shapes, and mismatched hues, but not this time. This time we are looking at modern floral prints that make any room feel cozy yet fresh. It’s all about being as fresh as possible without having to go overboard. Use a floral touch when you want to make the room feel new and feminine. Bring in darker colors when you want to enhance the room with just a hint of edge or work with lighter shades when you want to give it that calming aspect.

Drift Please

Use a multicolored display to make the room have that charming approach that makes the room feel new and engaging.

These beautiful repetitive symbols are inspired by the movement of liquid in little to zero gravity, giving you that engaging look that’s unique yet fun to look at. This display makes the room feel fresh every time you walk into it without being overwhelming to the eye. Use a mixture of colors to make the room have that charming feel that’s chic. Consider using a pastel hue that has been paired with a darker shade for that contrasting feel that is the perfect blend of light and dark.

Which of these cool wallpaper ideas are you most intrigued by? Share with us your ideas below.



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