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Cool Leather Sofas – build your sofa as you dream it, by Ditre Italia

These cool leather sofas are modular design at its best. This modern asymmetrical sofa design by Ditre Italia is a defining piece for large, open spaces that need a little direction. This cool sofa lets you delineate your seating areas with ease. Simply place them around your television, coffee table or fireplace for a no-fuss solution to open-concept, tough-to-furnish home. Modular elements include two- and three-seater sofas, square and triangular footstools, a left- and right-handed chaise lounge, and a central, left- and right-handed single seater. The slanted cushions let you position the various elements in any combination to accommodate any-sized group, from a cozy pair to large gatherings with equal comfort and style. Dressed to the nines in supple leather, the look is as luxurious as the feel. Build your sofa as you dream it, for custom style to suit any space. Check it out at Ditre Italia.



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