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Cool Concrete House with Hot Swimming Pool Feature Above Main Entrance

This house by neighbors to the north, Canadian firm Petkau Architects, wowed us right from the start, from its unusual entrance to what hangs overhead – a stunning glass-bottomed swimming pool that is as amazing to view from below as from above.

Purely for protection from the region’s high seismic risk, the house was designed with reinforced concrete walls and supports. But, we think the exposed concrete becomes a wonderful aesthetic feature, giving interiors their cool sense of style.
Because this house was planned on a narrow lot overlooking English Bay in Vancouver, Canada, building out was not an option. So, to expand it meant to build it up. As a result, this vertical house features soaring ceilings and cavernous, open-to-above living spaces that are flooded with wonderful daylight and offer open views down from the interior balconies and lofty areas overhead.
The living rooms are organized at ground level, a music room is tucked away below, while the bedroom, study and lap pool offer privacy on the upper levels. The pool occupies the entire western perimeter of the home, and is flanked by a terrace at each end.
Through the great glazed walls and from its outdoor living areas, the house enjoys breathtaking views of downtown Vancouver, the mountains and the bay.
Petkau Architects
photo credit: Paul Warchol, Undine Prohl


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