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Contemporary Wood Fireplace by Attika – X-Board Fireplace

attika contemporary wood fireplace x board
The X-Board is a contemporary wood fireplace from Attika that would convey style and substance in any home. If you are concerned about the environment, you may find it advantageous to heat part of your home using a cozy, contemporary wood-burning fireplace such as The X-Board. It is a free-standing stove with an attractive steel ventilation shaft that makes it suitable for central installation, ensuring the fireplace is an effortless focal point. The natural soapstone finishes are just beautiful, and conserve the warmth of the fire, releasing it slowly. The simple, rectangular shape of the fireplace affords the opportunity to appreciate the draw of the fire itself, whilst adding to your room’s modern look. An exceptionally well integrated wood storage compartment is so handy, and creates a lovely rustic feel. Contact Attika for more details.


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