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Contemporary Tiles from Monocibec – Cult tile

Gorgeous contemporary tiles from Monocibec, the Cult tiles also offer a pleasingly retro aspect, due to their striking patterns and coordinating color schemes. Designed to accent modern interiors, the contemporary Cult tiles have a palette of hues of tranquil greens, oranges, browns and black which complement and accentuate the abstract look. The repeating circular design (pictured) adds an air of clean oriental simplicity, whereas the tiles featuring the pattern of wavy lines encourage a feeling of relaxation and warmth. The textured lines of the tiles add a tactile and remarkable feature. The tiles are suitable for urban living, and with their focus on the minimalist, they are appropriate for those with an eye on decorating trends. With tiles suitable for walls and floors, the contemporary Cult tile collection from Monocibec is simple… but far from ordinary.



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