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Contemporary Spiral Staircase in Wood and Glass

We must share this cool contemporary spiral staircase design with our readers. Located in Poland and designed by Damian Cyryl Kotwicki, this home is smaller than it looks. At just 560 m2, it’s amazing that this massive staircase doesn’t overtake the space. Good planning and features such as an open plan with a five meter wide window allows for creating and giving the illusion of even more space. Choosing a glass siding for the staircase instead of continuing it in solid wood is also a great way to avoid the staircase being so imposing – but the wood keeps it rich and luxurious. A wonderful focal point in the space. Equally noteworthy in this space is the use of black accent walls. Usually something people shy away from, but this home shows that if you can gather the courage, and if you do it right, black walls can really add dimension to a space.
via PlataformaArquitectura.
Image credit: Damian Cyryl Kotwicki



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