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Perfect Sofas for Socializing – Curved and Double Sided Contemporary Sofas by i4 Mariani

There’s a sofa for every personality type, and with these two chic sofas by European furniture company i4 Mariani, you’ve got all your bases covered. For intimate parties and people who wish to get to know each other intimately, the Mauro Lipparini sofa features a curved shape for a seating arrangement that lets loungers face one another. This sofa design is made of many modules, so you decide its exact specifications and size. Pair this sofa with the matching ottomans for extra seating and cocktail surfaces. At the other end of the spectrum, this Luca Scacchetti double sided sofa preserves privacy in a design that lets you sit or stretch out without being in anyone’s face. Square modules come together in almost any shape and form, around corners or as a central focal point. Whether you’re entertaining the socially outgoing or shy, these versatile and contemporary sofa designs will suit every style. For more information visit i4 Mariani.



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