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Modular Sofa by Zeitraum – new Side Comfort Home contemporary sofa

The new Side Comfort Home sofa from Zeitraum is a minimalist contemporary sofa with a bold, block-like form and a strong presence. Sturdy, basic and rectilinear, the style of the Side Comfort Home sofa would accent a modern interior. Tiny steel legs add interest, their small size contrasting with the large, dark, rectangular form of the sofa. Modular sections allow you to lengthen the sofa to accommodate as many guests as you please. A wooden coffee table works to complete the look – either a simple ‘C’ shaped one or an adaptable chunky option (to which a cushion can be added should you require more seating). The Side Comfort Home contemporary sofa from Zeitraum conveys a love both of cutting-edge design and, of course, comfort.



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