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Contemporary Shower by Blu Bleu – new Light Shower Art

The name says it all – the new Light Shower Art is a contemporary shower from Blu Bleu that lets in the outside through its expansive glass panels. 8mm tempered glass is fitted so accurately, and with such gorgeous precision, in this contemporary shower that there is no need for the use of seals. Rather, there are simply uninterrupted, crystal-clear sides that allow a view into the stunning modern interior. With all consideration for comfort and convenience, there is a distinctive shower column, a chair in steel and mineral acrylic, along with shelves, and a hand held shower. The ultra-modern dual overhead shower head is flat and sleek, with two water outlets to ensure you enjoy the sensation of being captured in a warm rainfall, all over. Available from Blu Bleu, the new Light Shower Art is clearly well above the rest.


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