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Contemporary Leicht Kitchen Features Cabinet Shutters

With more than eighty years of experience the German kitchen manufacturer Leicht knows how to build a quality kitchen. Moreover, they know how to surprise. Enter CLASSIC-FS | IOS-M, a contemporary Leicht kitchen with inbuilt technology and a storage-friendly kitchen island. It could have easily been one of those functional designs that does only function, but it has that and much more.

Although a look from another angle could produce a different effect, when you see this kitchen in its entirety, you can immediately notice that it is a no ordinary lot.

Classic FS IOS M Leicht Küche
Kitchen island and cabinets
Kitchen island and cabinets

The minimalist grey design looks like a perfect contemporary kitchen with all the staples as though from a checklist, however, those cabinet shutters make for an unexpected feature. Even stained glass wouldn’t surprise as much, if these were doors.

Instead of going for the same uniform look, Leicht opted for a fresher, airier shape. The thin asymmetrically located shelves don’t hover overhead. And if you need to disguise some things like alcohol, for instance, each different section can be partially or fully closed. Although the rest of the design is very clean and simple, the shutters bring a lot of dynamic with them, open or closed.

Frosted glass countertops are another unconventional feature of this modern kitchen. They are surprisingly fitting with the design, and probably very practical and affordable too.

It’s worth to note that the sky blue wall paint brings a much needed pop of color to the room, so if you decide to acquire the Classic FS IOS M kitchen, make sure to give it some color treatment.

Contemporary Leicht Kitchen with Shutters

Shuttered kitchen cabinet display
Shuttered kitchen cabinet display
Partially closed cabinet shutters
Partially closed cabinet shutters make for a sink backsplash
Cabinet display shelves
Cabinet display shelves are unevenly distributed within the cabinets
Display shelves can hold both tableware and decor object or books
Display shelves can hold both tableware and decor object or books
Thin shutters make for a sleeker look
Sleek sink features a thick glass countertop for splashes
Sink features a thick glass countertop for splashing water
Thick frosted glass countertop
Thick frosted glass countertop also covers the kitchen island
Pull out well-organized drawers
Pull out well-organized drawers
Handles are sleek and minimal
Handles are sleek and minimal
Shutters up close
Metallic carcass makes for a very clean cabinet aesthetic

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