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Contemporary Kitchen by Aster Cucine – new Ulivo

This new modern contemporary kitchen Ulivo from Aster Cucine doesn’t need to show-off to make a statement. A subtle and refined visual language unites each piece of furniture, speaking volumes about contemporary style. A range of exciting elements: texture, color, material and light all work together to create the out-of-the-ordinary Ulivo kitchen. For example, the stainless steel backdrop to the cooking area is no ordinary stainless steel finish. Instead, it is rippled to contrast with the high-gloss finish of the kitchen storage units. An accent here and there of natural, beautifully grained wood also adds to the vibrancy of the modern kitchen. Cool, calm green is sets the tone for the kitchen. The furniture is this color, and so is the light radiating from the hood above the stove, as well under all of the cupboard units. The light even shines out from within the cupboards – a futuristic touch that unites the whole area. Taking you to a new place of refinement and relaxation: this is the new Ulivo from Aster Cucine.
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