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Contemporary Bathroom Vanity from Mastella – Italian vanity designs

Mastella Jey vanity in light natural wood
Modern contemporary designs by Italian Mastella – the Guest and Jey bathroom vanity lines have an entirely understated yet inherently stylish aspect. Suitable for contemporary or transitional interiors, the two vanity lines have something in common: polished curves rendered faultlessly in natural wood. The vanities seem to quite effortlessly exchange linearity and sharp corners for something altogether gentler! Jey provides only the essential line, an arch that accomplishes a lot of design with only a little physical material. The Guest vanity is more substantial – with a good-sized cabinet it is particularly practical. Both vanities are available in light and dark wood to complement your bathroom environment. From Mastella.
Mastella Jey vanity - a simple arch
Mastella Jey double vanity in dark wood
Mastella Guest vanity with a cabinet

Mastella Guest vanity with a cabinet and a matching arched shelf


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