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Contemporary Dining Furniture from Kreaty

This contemporary dining furniture from Kreaty demands to be noticed, whilst all the while retaining a subtle air. It is not showy – rather the eye-catching aspects of the contemporary dining furniture originate in the pure simplicity of the design. Oval shapes connect the legs to the table and chairs, in a design so original. and yet so basic. The furniture is customisable, the legs can be shining aluminium or flat painted aluminium in white, black, or brown. The top can be in acid-etched tempered extra-light glass, again in white, black or brown, or in silk-screened tempered glass. Likewise, the chairs leather upholstery is available in many vibrant colours. The versatility and lightness of this contemporary furniture means that it would be suitable for use in a kitchen or dining room area. Cutting-edge style from Kreaty speaks volumes about your taste.



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