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Contemporary console from Bristol and Bath – Kobe Tire Console

A fabulous urban design, the Kobe Tire Console combines contemporary style with environmentally responsible design. The innovative Kobe Tire Console makes recycling a key point of the entire design. The Kobe features a 24″ reclaimed tire painted with blue and white stripes and lined with a small copper bowel, for a cheerful robust basin. Beneath the tire suspends a curving towel rail in a galvanised-like finish that reinforces the rough urban style. The Kobe Tire basin is inset to a small wall mounted shelf into which the open channel faucet is set. A single slender control releases a flowing stream of water that churns through the open spout and arches into the basin. The final accent is the circular mirror studded with four hub-nuts. A fabulous urban design that transforms common everyday items into a distinctive contemporary bathroom console that embraces environmentally sound design. Available from Bristol and Bath, the Kobe Tire Console offers contemporary style you don’t feel guilty about.


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