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Trendy Creative Console Ideas

If you do not have a console table in your home, you may be wondering what exactly is a console table and why would you need one a console table is typically used as a decorative piece. They are typically narrow and used for displaying items and trinkets. The word console itself means a ledge on the wall acting as support. That is the beauty of having a console you are able to place anything and everything on it. In fact, consoles work great for holiday decorating and they allow you to get creative with your décor. The following ideas are trendy and creative ways to decorate your console.

Symmetrical Arrangement

Symmetrical does not mean both sides need to mirror each other it means the mean items on the table should mirror each other. In this case, the lamps are the items that are symmetrical. They mirror each other and are beautifully displayed on the table in a cohesive manner.

You can never go wrong when decorating your console in a symmetrical manner. However, the key is to create a symmetrical arrangement is having a spread that isn’t boring.  To prevent your symmetrical arrangement from becoming boring you want to add different textures that work well and mirror each other. Also, do not underestimate the appeal of fresh flowers and mirror finish décor. They add appeal and texture all at once without needing much.

Pop of Color

A pop of color could be exactly what the room needs to come back to life. Why not add a colorful console table. This will make a bold statement in the room while still being creative and fun. Consider painting your console table a bold color for the best results.

Color is great in fact we would argue it is almost necessary. If you have a minimalist décor you can always add a layer of intricacy by adding color to your console. Add colorful pieces that work beautifully together by using the same color scheme or same texture. If you wish to take it a step further, consider using a console table in a bold hue or with a bold pattern.

Unique Shaped Table

An intricate shape does not mean it has to be completely different. It means it is different than the other items in your home decor. There are multiple different shapes you can decide to use. The items you display should be simple. Doing so will give you the ability to have the shape of the table be the main focus.

The first step to having a console table is finding the perfect one that fits into the space you need it to fit. Having a unique table may be exactly what you need. A uniquely shaped table will give you the trendy aspect while not being in your face. This is great if you want to maintain your current décor the same and simply want to add a trendy aspect to the space.

Statement Piece

Even though this console appears simple it is large and in charge while having smaller items on it. However, the main focus of this console is the painting on the back. The painting speaks to the space and brings your entire focus directly towards it. This will cause it to become a focal point almost immediately. 

Most consoles are narrow and small which is perfect when you want to place them around an awkward corner or areas that are smaller. However, you can always have a statement piece for a console instead. A statement console should be large and in charge. You can in have it in a neutral tone that is bold when compared to your current décor. The color should be pastel as it will brighten up the space in a neutral manner.

Pops of Yellow

Yellow is a gorgeous color. It is bold yet fun and intricate to look at. If you already have a yellow accent wall adding yellow items works great as the two will mesh perfectly together. Have a yellow lamp for an even bolder take on the decor. You can even add yellow flowers for a soft take on the trend. 

Although, we did mention using a pop of color we weren’t exactly specific in which colors you should use as a pop of color can mean any color that works for you and your decorative space. However, instead of using any color for a pop of color use the color yellow. Yellow is bright and cheerful which is great when you have a neutral space to decorate. Use a bold cannery yellow combined with other neutral tones for a pop of color that will compliment any space it is placed in.

Classic Metallics

Want to make an even grander metallic display? Choose a metallic console table and pair it with metallic pieces for the ultimate metallic twist. The idea is to be bold and in your face while still being soft and gentle. Metallic hues such as silver work well together with other silver hues as most silver hues offer a shade or two of distinction. 

Metallic hues are great. They are contemporary and fun while still being considered a neutral hue. This works great because you can pair it with as many colors as you would like, and it will look amazing. Use metallic tones such as silver, gold, and rose gold as they work the best when paired with bright and bold shades as well as neutral tones.

Lighting is Everything

If you cannot decide which lamp or lamps you should include on your console table consider creating a collage of all your favorite lamps. The idea is to have different sized lamps work together to create the perfect scenery for you. The grander the display the more eye-catching it will appear.

When in doubt add lamps. Lamps are great they not only add light to your home, but they add an intricate touch to the space especially if they are intriguing shaped lamps or even have some texture to them. The idea is to have two identical lamps that will make a huge difference in the space.

Patterns are IN

Regardless of the size, you can add a patterned item on to your console as it will always look amazing. Choose patterned vases of diverse sizing for a unique twist that offers the pattern that you enjoy and that works well in your decorative space. 

All throughout this article, we have mentioned patterns. But, patterns are extremely IN this season. Add two or more patterns that work together to create the ultimate show-stopping space. In fact, doubling up on patterns is a great idea because it brings visual appeal to the room even if there are other patterns already existing in the room. Consider your console as a separate section of the room, not an all-inclusive décor piece.

Fresh Flowers

Peonies are a top favorite when it comes to decorative flowers as they do not take much maintenance. They also work well anywhere they are set. What this means is they look beautiful even in the richest tone room. What this means is even if the room is a rich shade of purple or blue peonies will work just as well.

If you wish to have a neutral palette that offers a feminine touch having fresh flowers is the way to go. Add fresh flowers to your current décor to enhance the femininity into your décor. You can also have fresh flowers to add pops of color to your current décor. Choose soft shades to enhance the space or bold shades for a brighter touch.

Holiday Decoration

Holiday decor does not mean you have to use the traditional colors you can instead use neutral tones that work beautifully well with your current decor. Choose colors such as white, silver, or even pastel shades that enhance the decor. These colors are easy to work with and blend well. 

Console tables are great for holiday décor because of the way they allow you to display every little trinket you may need. This allows you to get creative with your festivities and what pieces work best for your home and your current decor. The beauty of this is you can interchange every single décor you have depending on the holiday season.

Which of these trendy console ideas will you be trying at home yourself? Please let us know in the comments below.


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