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Contemporary bathroom centerset Faucet from Fusion Hardware Group – the new Samui faucet

Tall and proud, the Samui faucet shines with simple elegance for a contemporary bathroom centerset. The tall pillar body with its sharp clear lines brings a strong presence to the Samui faucet. The spout continues the cylindrical form, elegantly reaching out before sweeping gently towards the basin. Crowning the faucet like a regal plume is the single handed control. A warm band of plantation grown teak accents the conical lever form, offering a tactile signal for intuitive use. This contemporary faucet offers a balanced form serene in beauty and function. The slender rear control counter-balances the sleek and smooth spout. A bathroom centerset faucet, that offers understated sophistication and flair, the Samui faucet is available from the Fusion Hardware Group.


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