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Cement Tiles – the fine art of Granada Tiles

Bring a dash of traditional Latin American flair to your home with these beautiful cement tiles from Granada Tiles. Named after the historic city of Granada in Nicaragua where the cement tiles are made, this is a company that preserves the skills of craftsmanship needed to produce the tiles, which are individual works of art. In vivid colors, the tiles weave an intricate pattern on your floor to make the floor a focal point in its own right. In fact, you can also use them as wall coverings, or to create a point of interest wherever you desire. The company works with you to produce a bespoke effect that will make you proud to welcome guests to your home. Visit the excellent website to see each tile available in different settings (straight on, entranceway, bathroom) and in a rainbow of color variations – at the click of your mouse. Contact Los Angeles based Granada Tiles to make their exciting tiles part of your home.



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