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Colorful Bathroom Decor by Delpha – Water Play Multi Colored Bathroom

The Water Play multi-colored bathroom is part of Delpha’s concept line and is ideal for achieving a colorful bathroom decor. Marketing for this design is planned for 2011. The cabinets have no handles, which makes for a smooth facade. The bottom cabinets open via an electrical mechanism and the top cabinets with a push/slash mechanism. The main body is finished in satin black and the cabinet doors come in brilliant yellow, green, red, blue or white. Multi-colored LED light bulbs frame the luminous mirror. The glossy black ceramic sinks are equipped with modern detachable faucets for free usage. Overall, this bathroom concept, called “Influences of Today” reflects the inspirations of the designer. It is contemporary, multi-cultural and highly modular. Visit Delpha for more information.



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