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Color Popping Penthouse with Uninterrupted Views on all 4 Sides

If you’re going to live in a Penthouse with views in every direction, you probably would like the interiors to accommodate those views as much as possible and that is exactly what Pitsou Kedem Architects did when they designed the Antokolsky Penthouse in Tel Aviv, Israel. They did this by creating hallways down the length of the apartment – on both lengths – right next to the floor to ceiling windows. The final result is a celebration of the cityscape beyond but even though the focus is on the views, the architects have not forgotten to create a stunning interior filled with exciting visuals that incorporate color, texture and fine craftsmanship.

The apartment has stairwells on either end but only one elevator that just happens to have its entrance hidden within a bank of floor to ceiling cabinets defining the kitchen zone.
The social zone is flanked on either side by the walls of glazings, but due to the island concept of the interior rooms, a long wall separates it from two offices and that long wall is filled with open shelving in a variety of configurations. The shelving is completely utilitarian and absolutely beautiful.
The social zone features the kitchen on one end and the living room on the other and the dining zone in between. Almost completely neutral, the pops of yellow within the two dining chairs are picked up in a couple of pillows on the sectional and 3 of the shelving cubbies. It’s a clever way to break up the geometry of the volume, which might otherwise feel static.
The offices are closed to the sounds of the apartment by sliding glass walls so that while noise is closed off, views are not. If while working something exciting is happening in the cityscape beyond, sliding glass doors also open to the terrace that just so happens to wrap around 3 sides of the apartment.
The office has a wall of the same floor to ceiling cabinets used on the elevator wall and this bank of storage creates a deep sound barrier to the 2nd office on the other side.
This office also has storage modules mounted on a 2nd wall. The configuration and color choices within the module are like a 3D abstract art form that just happens to be functional. The modules are bright, colorful and full of fun.
The 2nd office leaves the white cabinetry behind in favor of black. The overall aesthetic is more slightly more subdued but only slightly as it is still full of bold colors via the green lounge chair, area rug and art panel on the wall.
The 2 offices create a division between the social zone and 3 bedrooms and one of those bedrooms showcases bright yellow closets where its wall joins up with the window.
The master suite is located in one corner of the apartment and is designed to allow the views to be fully visible from the ensuite which is located behind the headboard.
The master suite also has access to the wrap around terrace on both the length of the apartment and the width.
Behind the bed headboard is where the tub is located.
The vanity features a stunning trough sink with wall mounted faucet – check out the red tap, how fun is that?!
The sink and tub take full advantage of the views but for privacy, the toilet is hidden within its own little room next to the ladder style towel rack.
The ensuite within the 2nd bedroom has many of the same features as the ensuite in the master bedroom, just in a different configuration. Here, too is a trough sink – although a smaller one – within an ebony vanity and a wall mounted faucet with industrial red handle. Here too is a wood towel rack leaning up against the wall, but this one doesn’t look like a ladder and instead of a soaker tub, this bathroom features a walk in shower.
The shower head in this walk in shower is one that is more often seen in outdoor showers, but I am really liking how it looks here.
The ensuite in the guest bedroom is much smaller then the other two. Here the vanity supports the toilet – which happens to have quite the view out the window! This bedroom and bathroom are on the other corner of the apartment and are at the far end of the wrap around deck so privacy is less of a concern.
Whether traveling the apartment from the inside core or via the terrace, the views are everywhere – how divine.
Pitsou Kedem Architects
Photography by Amit Geron


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