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Clay and Cement Tile Collection by Marazzi – ConCreta

With this clay and cement tile collection by Marazzi, you can forget bathroom conventions and transform your space into a style-soaked, spa-inspired retreat. The ConCreta collection invites a rustic, earthy element into your home, transforming boring rooms into warm, inviting havens. Choose from a palette of natural finishes like Bianco, Sabbia, Creta, Lava and Coke, or make a modern statement with the stand-out shades of Blu and Verde. If the colors don’t floor you, the size will – these large-scale tiles measure 32.5 by 97.7 cm, and just 6 mm thick. Ideal for wall and floor applications in the bathroom, or in any room in your home, this clay and cement tile collection has nature on its side! More information is available at Marazzi.



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