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Circular Bathtubs – new round bathtub Dune by Antonio Lupi doesn’t appear round

Circular bathtub Dune by Antonio Lupi doesn't look round
Sensual contours define the new Dune circular bathtubs by Antonio Lupi. A round bathtub that appears as four different designs depending on your viewpoint – Dune is a fascinating innovation! The company explains: “the tub is developed as a circle but the shape of the upper edge and the two off center circles that define the external shell and the seat of the tub give a different view depending on the angle of the observer”. The ever-changing lines of the Dune bathtub give an exciting, dynamic character to the tub. Designed by Mario Ferrarini, this round tub will transcend trends, as all great iconic pieces do. Built in a generous size, you can also enjoy Dune tub with friends or family. Indulge yourself with these intriguing circular bathtubs from Antonio Lupi.
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