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Christmas Mantel Decorations That Give Santa A Cozy Welcoming

With Christmas right around the corner, it’s time to embrace it and go full throttle in the decor department. Keeping that in mind, Christmas is the perfect time to sit around the fireplace, enjoy a cup of hot cocoa and watch a movie with family and friends. Reason why decorating your mantel for Christmas is always a great idea. Here are a few ways to decorate your mantel to truly give Santa the warm welcoming it deserves.


Add bits of color for an added dose of texture and color for a grander approach

Is there anything more romantic than having a candlelight display that has been paired with neutral bits that make your mantel feel almost as whimsical as the holiday season truly is. Work with sleek varies shades of nude to truly give you that expansive feel that’s still charming and chic. Bring in sleek garland to complete the look.

Wooden Details

Pair your wood elements with greenery to give your room that relaxing feel that is sleek and expansive

If you love a farmhouse feel and want to add it to your home, bringing in wooden details. Doing so will bring a wooden touch to the room while still appearing warm and welcoming. Bring in greenery, wood decorative bits, matching stockings and signs that bring joy to your mantel area.

Bring on the Stockings

Your entire mantel does not need to have stockings displayed throughout, you could add it to the side for a unique approach

Stockings are quite important for the holidays not only do children get a kick out of them, but they also work great for decorative purposes. While you can fill your stockings up with gifts, and tiny times consider keeping them empty and simply using them as decor. This will elevate your space while infusing your home with more decor.

White & Black

Adding pattern to your black and white display will give it an edge without having to change your overall aesthetic

Keep it classic yet modern with a white and black color scheme. Instead of using the traditional red and white hues bring on a contrasting touch. It’s all about creating a contrasting scheme that does not take away from the room. Instead, it brings a sleek approach to what you already have. Work in gingham patterns to elevate your black and white approach.

Winter Wonderland

Bring faux snow to truly complete your winter wonderland approach. Keep your color scheme, soft to ensure your area feels as whimsical as possible.

Who doesn’t love a winter wonderland approach? There is something quite magical about having a display that screams ethereal and whimsical while still being festive. Add string lights to make the room feel warmer without having to go overboard with everything you already have.


Add wood signs to your mantel to give it that rustic touch that comes to life overall. Furthermore, pair your rustic bits with hints of  color for seamless contrast

Take your decor a step further by adding rustic decor. Rustic decor works great due to enabling you to further brighten your decor without having to add too many items. You can almost say rustic decor takes your traditional decor to the next level. Bring wooden items and blend it with greenery to truly make your decor come to life. Add an array of trees to further showcase what you already have.

Blend it Together

Bring in multiple shades of green to truly make a contrast when you are blending your green shades together

Mix and array of faux and real greenery to truly make a statement. It’s all about making both decorating styles feel like one. Furthermore, it’s the perfect way of having freshness sprinkled throughout the room without disrupting your overall color scheme. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing, but it’s one of the easiest ways of embracing your mantels overall appeal.

Color & more Color

Going bold with color is great as it brings your decor, full circle as it makes the room feel as cohesive and festive as can be

Christmas is all about being festive and being as colorful as possible, particularly the hues red, white and green, you know the staple shades that make all the difference. This idea is all about, as its all about bringing as much color as possible, while having the classic festive hues, be everything the room needs and more. Keep it chic by incorporating patterns in the shade range as well.

Bold with the Greenery

Keep it airy when you are working with greenery, it allows you to work with as much color and texture as possible

Greenery is the perfect element to add to the room when you want a welcoming feel that is sleek and fun. It’s almost as if the greenery will bring freshness throughout, making the room come to life. Furthermore, adding the greenery will elevate your decor, to the next level. It’s all about making the room come to life while adding a hint of breathing aspect.


Work with bits of white to truly enhance the appeal of the room without being overbearing

Sometimes you don’t want a traditional color Christmas display, sometimes you want something different and that’s where a peachy display will come in handy. Peach is the perfect choice when you want something different, yet minimal at the same time. It’s one of those hues that simply makes sense to have. The key is pairing it with other minimal shades and allowing it to be the bold element its the contrast that you need to make the space come to life in a non-traditional manner.

For Christmas and the cooler weather, your fireplace will be used constantly, with that being said, which of these ideas is your personal favorite share with us below.


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