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How To Decorate The Fireplace Mantel For Christmas

Christmas- the happiest time of year! It’s the one holiday that calls for décor in every color of your home. Whether you are a festive one or maybe a little Grinch, this year has been a tough one for us all, so it only makes sense to go a little overboard with your décor. That is where your mantel comes into play. Being the space where you place tend to hang your stockings it has a tendency of being forgotten, but not this year! We are making it our mission to give the mantel a new look and here is how to do just that. These ideas will brighten the mantel while giving you a second layer of décor.

Try a display of Colors

To make an impact with your colorful appeal, consider blending shades of white. Doing so will make the room feel open and airy while blending bold hues.

Though most of us are inclined to use hues of red, green, white, and pastel blue, this year consider going a little out of the box. Going out of the box means using an array of hues and experimenting with them. Use shades of pink, purple, and yellow to bring a unique display that is bold and daring yet still festive with a 2020 twist.

Farmhouse Cool

There’s something about farmhouse decor that feels brand cozy and fresh. Pair your farmhouse bits with classic wooden signs to further showcase the appeal of the room.

Not everything needs to be red and green, sometimes you can go the neutral route and be just fine. It’s all about compromising the appeal that you great in the room. Farmhouse is one of those decorating styling that is fun yet minimal and chic. Work with classic green appeals to add a cool aspect that makes your mantel feel as clean as possible with a hint of country.


When it comes to making a statement nothing works more than a bold black statement. Add greenery to further showcase the appeal of your Christmas decor.

Having a black statement piece and placing it right in the center of your mantel. Doing so will force everyone’s vision to directly look at that statement piece and slowly seeing what the rest of your décor has to offer. Add bits of gingham pattern and some silver to complete the look overall. Pair with wood bits to complete the look. 

Glitter Me, Please

If your doubt of what to add to your mantel when it comes to glitter consider bringing in glittery Christmas balls and displaying them with other unique pieces.

When in doubt, consider glitter. Glitter is an excellent accent bit, not only is it bold enough to make a statement, but it will instantly make any space feel more glamorous. There’s something about having glittery bits that will further boost the appeal of whatever decorating style you have displayed. Use glitter items with a metallic finish to make sure your display feels chic and stylish. It’s all about the style of the display while being unique and engaging.

Minimal Display

When keeping it minimal contemplate adding a few minimal tidbits and displaying them in an open, spaced fashion.

Play with unique color and keeping it minimal is the key. The idea is to work with greenery and have it become the main appeal of the room without taking away from the unique color that you’re working with. We recommend using a color completely out of the box and adding it in small doses for a touch that is inevitably charming.

Don’t forget Candles

Bring in candles that are in multiple different sizes and textures to showcase the room in a minimal approach.

Whether you want to create a welcoming approach or you’re working on creating a cozy approach- candles is the way to go. The idea is to use candles in a multitude of different sizes. Doing so will make your display feel more cohesive and symmetrical. It’s all about symmetry when you are choosing to focus on a smaller decorative item such as candles. Use bold candle holders to give your display a bolder touch that focuses the room to have a visual focus.

Graphic Prints

The bold aspect of having a graphic print will instantly make the room have a chic, modern approach

When it comes to graphic prints you want to get creative and bring in charming messages that will emphasize your décor. It’s about emphasizing your décor with these prints. You never want to take away from the current décor that you already have, you simply want to add to it. Fill the top of your mantel with these prints and allow them to be the main focus of that particular space.

Focus on the Garland

Add a snow sparkle display to your garland to further enhance the room and create an enchanting display.

As more and more people are considering the idea of making their very own décor, DIY has taken a huge leap on the seen. Reason why creating your garland can be a fun idea. The key is having a large enough garland that covers the entire top of your mantel. Once you have that you want to continue adding to it, whether that is Christmas bulbs, ornaments, or other tidbits you want to add enough that it makes your mantel the main focus.

Lights & more Lights

The more lights you add to your display the grander the appeal your display will have. It’s all about enhancing the room and showcasing what you have to display.

So, you have everything you need on your mantel, but something is missing? The answer is simple- lights. During the Christmas holiday, light fixtures can fix anything. Work with multiple size lights and allow them to become the main focus. It’s all about creating a bold approach towards your mantel. Work with lights that can easily be woven throughout the entire room without missing a beat.

White and Bright

Pair your white bits with silver to fully enhance your simple showcase that’s white and airy.

Maybe having a loud, bright display isn’t for you, that is where having a white and bright showcase will come into play. You want to work with multiple different shades of white and silver, having them displayed together. You want to create a uniform approach and have it showcased as the main statement. Add a few light fixtures and you will make the room as charming as possible without going overboard with color.

When it comes to decorating your mantel are you all about color? Or do you prefer a more minimal approach? Share with us how you will be decorating your mantel this year.




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