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Chop Chop Kitchen designed for Everyone by Dirk Biotto

Industrial Designer Dirk Biotto designed the Chop Chop Kitchen to have both a workshop aesthetic and an easy to use station that is accessible to able bodied, limited mobility and wheel chair bound folk. It is an adaptable kitchen that mixes traditional elements with modern design and an industrial functionality.

The sink has a cutting board that fits over it and the cutting board is covered with a linear pattern of voids for easy drainage. The sink faucet features a long goose-neck with detachable hose for easy maneuverability. .
The backsplash is predrilled with pinholes so that it can easily be customized with accessories and kitchen utensils.
There is even a counter mounted grater with a drawer beneath for catching the gratings – pretty awesome.
The counter is a thick butcher-block slab and sits on a white powder coated steel base, leaving the space beneath the counter clear for wheelchair accessibility or additional storage.
The cutting board even doubles as a dish rack when you only want to wash a couple of dishes at a time.
If you prefer to dry your dishes by hand there is also a towel rack mounted on the side, industrial designer Dirk Biotto has thought of everything!
Dirk Biotto
Via Archi EXPO


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