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Cheerful Mouth Blown Glass Bowl by Evasolo

Smiley by Evasolo is joyful bowl that can be used both for serving and decorating. It is actually two bowls in one, as the outer mouth blown glass shell has an inner plastic lining. The shape of the bowl inspired its name or vice versa. Like an emoticon, this bowl smiles at you with a mouth wide open. The cavity inside the bowl is perfect for serving small snacks, especially nuts. There is another serving concave surface at the top of the bowl, which is very practical for placing shells or pits or for serving a second type of snack. When not used for serving purposes, Smiley can be very decorative at the center of a dining table, on a cabinet or a console. It can be presented as such, if we want to emphasize its particular shape. Depending on the season, it can also be filled with fragrant dried leaves and flowers, with pebbles, nuts or candy. The inner plastic bowl is always white, but the outer glass shell comes in different contrasting colors such as red, lime green or black. You can also have an all-white bowl, by matching the inner lining with a white shell, or by choosing a transparent shell. Smiley is a good example of the Scandinavian manufacturer’s quest to create innovative products that combine functionality and aesthetics.



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