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Bardi’s Bowl Chair by Arper is the Perfect Pop

Lina Bo Bardi (1914-1992) designed the Bardi’s Bowl Chair from her adopted home of Brazil in 1951. Born in Rome, Italy, she was a prolific designer devoted to her work and she created the chair to be a balance of industrialized standardized fabrication and individualized design aesthetics. The mid century design combined with today’s colour palette is the perfect pop for a modern aesthetic.

An icon of Lina’s adaptive style, the chair easily shifts within its frame, allowing the user to decide how far to recline within its snuggable, huggable bowl shape. While the fabric chairs feature only four seams and four sections within its shell, the Black natural leather version has 8 sections and 8 seams.
All the Bardi Bowl Chairs are covered in a Steelcut Trio 2 fabric on both the shell and cushions and this monochromatic orange version is the perfect punch of colour in an otherwise neutral space. Orange, while bold is also a versatile colour choice that plays well off of greys and beiges – and also purple.
Speaking of purples, how fun is this combination of a plaid lavender and orange watercolour print called “Painted Xadrez Bo, Pause 4 fabric” on the cushions surrounded by the solid orange shell backdrop? I’d love to see this chair next to a wall of deep plum.
Emerald green and olive green are well represented on the “Green” chair with “Double Colour” cushions. With today’s trend of bringing the outdoors inside, this colour combination does just that.
With the lavender polka dots interspersed with the green, this chair is the ideal mate for the orange and “Painted Xadrez Bo, Pause 4 fabric” chair and cushions. While orange and green are not an obvious pairing, the commonality of the lavender within the pillow prints creates an exciting colour story. This version is called Green with “Painted Lemones, Pause 4 fabric” cushions.
Whichever colour combinations you prefer, the Bardi’s Bowl Chair by Lina Bo Bardi is a flexible structure that is not only comfortable but simple, sensual and alive. Each chair comes with a certificate of authenticity written in your name and the original Lina’s World communication tool.


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