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Ceramic Wall from Naxos – new modern X-wall

Surprising, versatile and ultra-modern, the Ceramic Wall from Naxos redefines the use of ceramics in the home. Ceramic walls can assign purpose to space; they can add interest; they can divide and establish boundaries. Sculptural and smooth, the Naxos X-wall is an ideal addition to a modern, open-plan interior. Living in a loft, yet wanting a way to discern the bathing area from the sleeping quarters? A ceramic wall is the perfect solution, adding an element of privacy without interrupting the space with a solid wall. The touchable, gleaming surfaces of the ceramic pieces imply a work of art that actually functions to enhance the convenience and order of your daily routine. To enjoy a ceramic wall in the context of your home, make contact with Naxos, a Fincibec company.


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