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Casa Cor Ephemereal Interior Design

Designer Rafael Simonazzi has been appointed to create 2013 Casa Cor’s interior design, an design showcase held annually in the Americas. In order to show what the trends in furniture and decoration are, he has created an eclectic interior that combines bold colors and iconic pieces. The space he was given is a a lofty one, with a bigger ground floor and a smaller wooden mezzanine, looking down over a painted steel balustrade. On the right side of the wooden stairs leading up to the mezzanine there is web like full height screen in a wooden frame that divides the space vertically in a giant see-through partition. And this is not the only giant element, as the designer wanted to mark the event with striking sculptural elements. Even more striking and unexpected than the web screen, a floor to ceiling baobab-like tree structure made in white painted wood and placed in the middle of the living room seems to be supporting the ceiling of the loft. The the ground floor space is organized as a living room, an additional sitting area and a dining/game room under the wooden platform. The bridge mezzanine is furnished as a study/office, with a mix of separate pieces that come together in a very exotic whole. The left wall is occupied by a floor to ceiling shelf made out of a white frame with colorful rectangular modules. The space is crowded and the eye is taken from one element to the other in a surprising discovery experience.

In the shade of the giant tree, the living room area is cozily furnished and decorated. The neutral pearl grey sofa and carpet combined with more colorful elements, such as a fluffy orange Egg armchair, a green side table and small colorful footrests. Two organic-shaped rough wood low tables are placed in the middle of the room, between the sofa and the white screen partition with low shelves and a central flat screen.
Behind the white screen, there is an additional sitting room marked by the geometrical motifs of the wallpaper and of the fabric in which the two armchairs are upholstered. The space is completed with a extra large sky-blue pouf.
The table placed under the wooden mezzanine has a double function, as billiards table and dining table, in white and bold orange. Two cupola large pendant lights provide the necessary light and billiards-club atmosphere, and white Vitra chairs are placed around the table. The whole space is rich with decoration: wall art,lamps, cushions, flower vases and other small objects.
Placed on the bridge mezzanine, the study is an eclectic mix of pieces and styles. The stainless steel and glass table serving as desk has two totally contrasting seats on each side: one heavy blue Chesterfield armchair behind it, and a very light plastic molded orange visitor chair on the other. The reading corner gets vintage, with an Eames lounge chair in white leather and a Scandinavian style sideboard. Colorful rugs with geometrical patterns come to spice up the wooden floor. Like all around the space, decoration is abundant, making this loft look lived-in rather than showcase.


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