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Canadian Black Walnut slab dining table from Broadbent Furniture – custom luxury wood furniture

Enhance your daily dining experience with a black walnut slab dining table from Broadbent Furniture. This exquisite hand-crafted wood dining table is a one-of-a-kind item that will add warmth and character to your space. The artisans at Broadbent meticulously saw, season, and hand select every material that goes into their furniture. Then, pieces like this gorgeous black walnut table are created using traditional joinery methods followed by a finishing process that makes them more durable and creates a beautiful, rich look. The unique hand-planing process produces an organic texture that adds visual interest to the piece and gives each item its own personal flair. As demonstrated by this black walnut table, the figure and grains of each wood species is also carefully considered in each case to enhance the overall design of every item. These characteristics make this piece a perfect addition to any home. Broadbent Furniture



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