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Campari Bar Table Lamp by Ingo Maurer

Campari Bar table lamp is the new version of Campari pendant light, designed by Raffaele Celentano for Ingo Maurer. Designed for tables and counters, the lamp is made out of ten Campari Soda original bottles, individually detachable. The pull switch has a Campari bottle tap at the lower end. The ten bottles are topped with ice cubes made of glass, which reflect the light and create a nice aura around the lamp. The materials used in the manufacturing of the Campari Bar lamp are plastic for the socket, metal for the stem, glass for the bottles and ice cubes and porcelain for the base. The base is actually a plate chosen from the Colombina collection by Alessi, designed by the Fuksas studio. The diameter of the base is 39 centimeters and the height to the last ice cube is 49 centimeters. The Campari Bar lamps is perfect for bars and restaurants, while it can be also used at home to create a cheerful party atmosphere. Place it as a centerpiece on the table or in line on a counter and accessorize the plate with snack bowls. Let the party begin!



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