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Bunob kitchen by Bontempi Cucine – smooth curving cabinets

A warm wood kitchen characterised by smooth curving cabinets, the Bunob kitchen is an ergonomic work centre for healthy cooking. The walnut veneer features a stave pattern that gives a repeated horizontal element that enhances the curving cupboards. The Bunob kitchen is topped with a brilliant white worktop, its sweeping surface keeps everything within reach. Rather than dashing up and down the kitchen you merely turn and find things at hand. To continue these curving ergonomics, the ceramic hobs have been split into three parts and aligned to the curving counter. While easy to access, the flaring shape also gives ample room. When you’re busily cooking on all rings there is plenty of space between the pans, which makes for a relaxing and serene cooking experience. The Italian blond walnut offers natural warmth that makes the kitchen an inviting familiar place. Bontempi Cucine offers a friendly and relaxing kitchen for everyday cooking.


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