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Stainless Steel Bathtub Sink Combo from Meeus

So logical you wonder why no-one’s thought of it before… presenting the stainless steel bathtub sink combination from Meeus. The Lavabeau concept is a pure, private bathroom which is ‘beautiful and practical – and oasis of relaxation and well-being’. Meeus believe that the bathroom, whether at home or in an organisation are a reflection of the ethos of the individual or company. Thus, well-designed bathrooms must take priority. Here, Meeus uses stainless steel, solid wood and composite to create a bold, block-like bathtub and sink pairing. Light shines from a rectangular panel at the end, further inviting attention. A thoughtful and attractive detail: the bathtub is reached from stepping up onto a stone step. A modern idea to meet the demands of today’s consumer – the Lavabeau bathtub and sink combo is from Meeus.
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