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Bohemian bathroom collection from Simas – the Art Deco bathroom

These elegant art-deco bathroom fixtures are components of the new Bohemian bathroom collection from Simas. In addition to providing the functionality that you’d expect from a quality bathroom fixture, these have been enhanced with innovative design elements that are seldom seen in today’s bathroom fixture lines. This washbasin, for example, has a unique oval shaped recessed bowl with a side mounted faucet that creates an unusual perspective when standing in front of (or to the side of?) it. The companion bidet also is a sleek and sculptural unit that features a smooth, rounded bowl that is understated but attractive – and it makes cleaning simple. The shape of each is said to have been inspired by a drop of water as it expands, dilates, and creates ellipses upon the water’s surface. But what really sets this line apart from others is how these fixtures have been decorated. Each fixture is adorned with a dynamic pattern that is reflective of classic Art Deco styling. A combination of organic, vine-like lines ending at delicate rosettes paired with geometric arcs and circles creates a whimsical and playful texture that makes a statement but maintains a sense of elegance. This line is currently available from Simas.


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