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Bluetooth Shower Head by Kohler with Removable Speaker – Moxie

Bathroom brand Kohler has a new gadget with real moxie! Moxie is a Bluetooth-enabled showerhead with an integrated, portable speaker that transforms the shower into a customizable audio experience. Kohler has found that over 38% of adults in the US have a smartphone, and almost 75% use it in the bathroom, so Kohler tapped into this market and created a showerhead that syncs with your smartphone or mp3 player to deliver water and music. But the music doesn’t stop there. A portable speaker, which is held in place by a strong magnet, is easily detachable so you can take it with you as you primp and prep for the day – to the kitchen as you eat breakfast, to the closet while getting dressed, to the vanity as you apply the finishing touches, all while enjoying your favorite tunes. Alternately, if you need some help winding-down after a long day, the Moxie showerhead will lullaby you from stressful day to relaxing shower to slumber-land. Intimidated by technology? Well, if you can install a standard showerhead then you can install Moxie. It’s that easy. More info on the Moxie showerhead is available by visiting Kohler.



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