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10 Blue Kitchen Cabinet Ideas to Upgrade Your Kitchen Today

Blue might not seem like the ideal color to incorporate in your kitchen, but there are actually quite a few advantages in using this particular hue. When used inside of the home the hue brings tranquility, a sense of peace, luxury and almost a feel of expansiveness. Furthermore, the hue itself has a stress relieving aspect that is great when you want to enter a room in your home that makes you feel cool and collected. Here are 10 blue kitchen cabinet ideas to upgrade your kitchen instantly.

Navy Blue

When working with navy hues, the kitchen becomes grand yet the cabinets will still be a highlight of the room.

When you have a large, spacious kitchen you want to create a welcoming atmosphere that feels cozy yet lux. That is where having navy blue kitchen cabinets will come in handy. Navy blue is personal and cozy which is perfect for large spaces as it shrinks the room a bit with an intimate feel. Furthermore, navy blue will help bring a balance between cool and warm décor.

Dark Blue

When using dark blue hues as a base color, you want to keep the rest of your decor as simple as possible in order to give it the spotlight it deserves.

Contrary to navy blue, dark blue is the perfect base tone color. Having a dark blue hue as a base tone works exceptionally well because it blends well with any and every additional color you decide to use. Pair with blue, cream or gray for a sophisticated approach.

Rustic Approach

Add a simple wood table to your kitchen to further emphasize the rustic appeal of the room.

Whether you use a dark hue of blue or a lighter one you want to use a shade that will work well with wooden aspects. Wood brings a rustic touch anywhere it is placed which is exactly what you want when you have a more rustic twist to your kitchen. The key is having a balance between how much wood is displayed and how rich your hue of blue is. You want to consider a middle ground shade that feels bold yet flows with whatever you have.

Pastel Hue

When it comes to pastels consider having other soft hues to provide the room with as much airiness as possible, without over-cluttering the overall decor. 

When in doubt consider a pastel hue. Having a pastel blue hue displayed as part of your cabinetry is great when you want a softer, more feminine twist to a kitchen. Pair with other lighter hues to continue evolving the color palette without taking away from how soft and intimate having pastel blue cabinets will feel.


Going minimal means you have just enough decor in the room to make it feel grand while still being every bit of useful. You don’t want to have too little bits of decor or too much.

While having blue cabinets might not seem like a way of achieving a minimalist approach in the kitchen its quite contrary, the boldness of using darker blue shades adds a sense of balance when it is paired in a simple space. Pair with hues of beige or white to deliver a minimal appeal right when and where you need it.

Blue Freshness

Teal and turquoise work well due to how bold and daring the selection of hues can make in the room.

Seek hues of blue with a green undertone for a whimsical, almost wispy touch that feels new and fresh. Add a unique lamp or chandelier for a cozy display that is sweet and fresh in an overall manner. Having a unique lamp allows the room to come to life without having to solely focus on the blue cabinets. It’s another form of bringing an intricate visual appeal to the space.

Blue, blue & more Blue

Consider adding a blue wallpaper to further showcase the amount of blue that you are using in the room.

Why keep blue solely as part of your cabinetry add it in as part of your kitchen island or your tiles for a cohesive appeal. Keep in mind, you do not need to stick to one shade of blue, you can use multiple different hues and allow them to make a statement as they’re woven into each other.

Modern Twist

Add white or beige cabinets to create a contrasting appeal that matches your island and your blue cabinets all at once.

If you already have blue shades in your kitchen yet feel like there needs to be a touch of something to brighten the space up, we are here to share that adding a marble island is the way to go. Not only will a brighten the room and make it feel fresh and new, but it will bring a coherent modern twist right where you need it. Doing so will instantly reawaken the space and make it feel brand new instantly.


When it comes to contrast you want to make sure the colors flow beautifully together without taking away from what you already have.

Pair your blue cabinets with contrasting dark hues such as dark gray or black. This color combination will brighten the room while creating a contrasting variation. Pair this contrast with an open kitchen design to further emphasize the welcoming appeal of the room. While still having a modern contrast that is aesthetically pleasing to the eye.


Keep your decor as simple as possible in order to allow your blue-gray shades to come back to life.

Last but not least, we are taking a look at hues of blue-gray. Blue-gray has recently become quite a popular hue to soft and elegant it is. Pair with a bold accent wall created by colorful tiles for the perfect display that makes the room feel grand yet elevated.

Which of these blue cabinet ideas is your favorite? Share with us your ideas below.


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