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Charming Blue And White Bedrooms

After a long day, your bedroom should be your sanctuary in order to achieve that you need to have the right colors, textures, and décor. That is where using hues of blue and white will come into play. Think of them as two relaxing shades that work exceptionally well together to create a charming, allure that is dreamy yet engaging. Keeping that in mind, here are charming blue and white bedrooms that are inspiring and ethereal.

Beach House Appeal

Add hints of red to bring a fun nautical vibe to your white and blue room. Furthermore, it adds additional character.

When it comes to using blue and white hues, there’s always the option to create a beach house appeal. Coastal décor is great as it allows you to use an abundance of patterns, textures, and unique hues of blue. In order to create the perfect beach house aesthetic, you want to keep an airy appeal with a fresh look that makes sense to the room.

Add Primary Colors

For primary colors, select nudes that added a vibrant touch with just the right amount of texture.

In order to create a good balance room, you need to have primary colors that enhance the rooms overall appeal. Use bold hues of blue and pair them with sleek shades of white, black, red or even yellow to bring a cohesive touch while still have a direct bold hue. You want the room to feel as expansive and charming as possible.

Rustic Bits

Add woven bits to add that rustic touch in the room. Furthermore, add planked walls and paint them for an elevated appeal.

Bring a calming feel to your personal space by pairing your light blue hues with rustic touches throughout. The key is having a peaceful appeal in the room to create harmony. You want the room to have a bit of a country appeal flowing throughout. Add a few patterned bits to further showcase your rustic aesthetic.

Muted Yet Daring

Emphasize your rich blue hues by adding lighter shades of gray. Doing so brings a well-rounded approach with just the right amount of character. 

Using hues of crisp white and pairing them with shades of gray is perfect for a more muted twist that is never boring. It feels fresh, air yet classic, while still being very entwined with the brightness white and blue shades are known for. Consider having light hues of gray to keep the room cohesive.

Keep the Walls White

Pair your white walls with hints of orange or additional bold color, to create an enhanced appeal with just the right amount of color.

If you prefer a sleek look, keeping your walls, white is the way to go. White walls are the perfect clean slate, which means you can add as much décor as you would like without taking away from your current décor. Furthermore, crisp walls give you the ability to add any shade of blue on the walls as you please, whether that be through accent hues or even a bold rug.


The bold your wallpaper is the grander the room will feel. Consider matching your wallpaper to an accent chair for a daring touch that matches the room perfectly. 

When in doubt consider bold wallpaper. Wallpaper is always a great idea; it gives you the appearance of character while still having the key components in the room. Add a repetitive pattern for that bold statement that enhances the room in an overall manner. Consider this the way of adding style and personality to the room.

Navy Chic

Paint your wall a rich navy hue for a bold pairing that makes sense to the room while bringing a daring accent bit right where you need it.

Navy is always on trend: which is great when you want to add an edgy touch that makes the room feel fresh. Even the slightest bit of navy in the room can make a big statement, particularly if it is paired with crisp shades of white, gray or beige. Consider this as an accent shade for the ultimate pairing.


For a contemporary approach add richer, shades of gray to create a double dimensional touch.

When it comes to contemporary you still want to remain in the same element, but with a sleeker appeal. The idea is to have a new vibe in the room. For the vibe you want to have as many blue bits as possible, but with hints of white. Instead of having an even display of both you want a little bit of a difference to make it make sense. Think of it as one of the coolest forms to keep the room with its blue and white aesthetic.

Masculine Swing

Add a fun, light fixture with a contemporary appeal for a true masculine approach.

Add a masculine twist to your bedroom is a great way of creating a deep, rich, ambiance. The beauty of it is blending the darker shades and allowing them to make a bold statement yet having hints of stark white as the main element. Having mostly dark hues works well as it creates a unique bit that is perfect for those that want a warmer aesthetic in the room.

Striped Throw Pillows

Blend your stripes with other patterns to make the room feel grandiose while being contemporary and fun.

When in doubt consider striped pillows as a quality additional item. The texture of the stripes will add to the room while still being easy to move around if needed. Consider having a multitude of striped throw pillows to brighten the space while having the room feel expanding and with just the right hint of color.

Are you a fan of white and blue bedrooms? If so, share with us how you would decorate yours in the comments below.


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