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Black And White Bathroom Ideas That Will Never Go Out Of Style

From grungy chic to elegant and sleek, black and white are staple colors that seem to bring a modern twist in any area of a home, especially in the bathroom space. These two shades together have a powerful way of elevating the aesthetics your current décor. Here are a few foolproof ideas that will never go out of style.

Art Déco

Art Deco is beautiful because it frames the bathroom in a trendy manner. Keep the space crisp with rich hues of black and white for that perfect art deco moment. Consider adding a chandelier in a unique shape for the perfect contrast.

Art deco is so underrated the design style is so powerful yet easy to create its one of our favorites. The idea is to use bold shades of black that are rich and add a marble or even mirrored décor to the bathroom. The richness of the black shade paired with the intricacy of the marble or mirrored finish décor will bring an art deco vibe that’s modern and trendy.

Masculine Energy

Keep it rich, dark and sexy is the perfect way to keep the space masculine. Pair it with a dark rustic chandelier for the perfect rich feature in the bathroom. Add dark towels and a vintage mirror to complete the look. For this idea, you want to keep color out of it as much as you can.

Black is a perfect way to bring in a more masculine touch to a bathroom. Pair it with gold outward plumbing for the perfect effect that screams masculine yet trendy. There is something about adding a metallic touch to traditional black décor. Keeping the entire bathroom back is the way to go.

Black and white marble

Black and white marble is beautiful, clean, put together and always a favorite among homeowners. For that upscale look pair your black and white marble with rustic golden metallic pieces. The edginess of the rustic offsets the natural regal feel marble has, makes the bathroom appear larger.

Marble is beautiful anywhere it is placed, and the bathroom is no exception. Marble itself is beautiful because of its vintage feel. Pair it in a bathroom that is mostly marble for that extra touch of unique aesthetics. Additionally, there is this expensive feeling that marble provides.

Black sink

A simple bowl sink is always a good idea when you want to make the room come together without much effort. Its classic yet trendy and doesn’t take as much space as a traditional sink would. This is great when you have a smaller bathroom and want to have a minimalist approach towards it.

Most sinks tend to be white or a pastel shade. Add a black sink for a shocking effect that brings your décor back to life. The process consists of making the space appear regal in a unique way. You can choose to have similar colors in the space or have the sink be the main focus.


We love the idea of pattern not just on your walls but on your flooring as well. The key is using only white and black shades but having the pattern speck for itself. A round center tub will work great with a patterned flooring effect.

Just because its black and white does not mean that it needs to be boring. Add bold pattern to your bathroom or powder room for that grand effect that showcases your décor. For the best outcome keep the space with a monochromatic feel.

Black tub, white tiles

We love the idea of tiles so why not apply tiles all over your bathroom for a mosaic effect that brings the space back to life. The idea of having the entire area filled with a patterned tile is grandiose. It stands out, it makes sense and it’s beautiful when laid out properly. To create the look above ensure to speak to a professional.

The beauty of having a black tub is that it appears exceptionally chic. Doing so will maintain the space looking put together still being sleek. The white tiles will make the room appear larger while the black tub will appear vintage. It’s a beautiful contrast.

Statement Wallpaper

A statement wallpaper could be exactly what you need to elevate the appearance of the space. The idea is to bring out the lighter hues while giving the bathroom that undeniable contrast. Keep the space crisp clean and the wallpaper will do the job for you.

We love wallpaper even if it’s in the bathroom. Achieve a beautiful space with a statement wallpaper in black and white. The key is having a wallpaper in black and white that offer a touch of a metallic or an intricate design. The intricacy of the design will elevate the appeal of the wallpaper.

Hints of Black

The beauty of a white bathroom is the idea that you can use as many colors as you would like to pair with it. Keep it simple with hints of black in as many places as you can. The flooring is perfect or even your decor as an accent color.

An all-white décor has become a staple for many, especially in modern homes. If you want to maintain the white trend in your bathroom, but still want to give it some depth, the key is adding hints of black here and there. For that pop of contrasting color.

Black Chandelier

A chandelier is a statement of elegance even in the bathroom. Regardless of the size and amount of decor you may have going on a beautiful trendy chandelier will make a huge difference. The idea is to keep the chandelier as the main focus in the room.

No matter how white or how black your bathroom may be if you want to elevate the look of any colored bathroom add a black chandelier. They are edgy, fun, and unique while still providing an undeniable elegance to them. Pair the chandelier with other, small light fixture for the best outcome.

White sink

Offset the brightness of the white by adding in a colorful arrangement. This allows you to have color where you need it and remove it when you need it as well. The key is working in the colors that make the bathroom make sense.

Keep it modern with a white sink. They are the ultimate trendy piece in a bathroom or even kitchen. Maintain the rest of the décor minimal to allow the sink to be the statement piece of the bathroom.  Keep it simple.

A black and white bathroom will never go out of style. If you want to spice things up you can always add a bold hue to your décor. Which of these areas will you be trying in your black and white bathroom?


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