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Fabulous Wallpaper Designs to Transform Any Bedroom

If the word “wallpaper” makes you scrunch your nose and picture your grandmother’s floral infested house from the ’70’s, you’re in for a surprise. Wallpaper is back in style and a great design feature for a powder room, office, or guest room. Today we’re looking at wallpapers in the bedroom so get ready for a little wall candy and a lot of fabulous design inspiration!

Patterned Wallpapers

Patterned Wallpapers - Transitional

We love this soft and airy look for an elegant guest room, female bedroom, beach house, or boutique hotel. A powdery minty blue and a clean basic white keeps this room looking fresh, simple, and put together. Sticking to one main colour and a complimenting basic prevents the risk of having too much going on with the patterned wall. The key here is balance and symmetry (i.e. matching bedside tables and lamps); this will keep your decor on the timeless side of things, rather than an expendable trendy.(found on Throp)

Victorian grandma style bedroom decor

Okay so we said we wouldn’t talk about your grandma’s style, but the grandma style can actually work well in a modern context when done right. Here we’re embracing a traditional floral pattern and contrasting that with a crisp white, beachy whicker baskets, and chestnut wood. Picking one colour from your pattern like this Victorian navy blue ties everything together as well. Bam–a floral wallpaper can instantly make a beautiful bedroom in your summer home or guest bedroom.(found on Rebecca Hayes Interiors)

Bring the outdoors inside through wallpaper

Bring the outdoors inside with a modern but natural interior design. We love this black and white birch forested wallpaper combined with a real wooden bed frame and side table. Take the weathered outdoor look even further with a luxurious fur throw, then add a touch of contemporary with a modern lamp for example.(found on D’Cruz Interiors)

Shabby chic French bedroom wallpaper

If colour isn’t your thing but you still want to create some visual interest, a patterned wallpaper that matches everything is a great idea. This gorgeous creamy gold room feels like a beautiful vintage French apartment and we love how the feminine pillows and wall pattern is offset by the rustic cast iron radiator. A classic vanity is the perfect finishing touch for this look.

Fall season wallpaper for bedroom

Inspired by the fall season? This rich wallpaper adorned with gold metallic leaves by Jocelyn Warner looks gorgeous with an intricately detailed bed headboard and luxurious black accents. Now that’s a bed we wouldn’t want to get out of ever on a cold autumn morning!

Colorful bedroom wallpaper and canopy bed

Bring the exciting world of fashion into your interior design with a stylish colourful printed wallpaper like what’s been done here in this upscale New York bedroom. The bright colours of this paper avoids being too overpowering with the small size shaping of the pattern and keeping it only on one wall maintains a bold but clean balance. A cane wood four-poster bed frame, chevron table lamps, and glamorous gold throw pillow compliment the festive wallpaper fashionably. Side note–this fun print appropriately called “Brit Pop” was designed by Elitis Kandy!(found on Abaca)

Metallic wallpaper for a bedroom with tufted velved headboard

Another take on metallic wallpaper; this elegant wallpaper adds another layer of life to an already lively bedroom. What’s fun about metallics is that the natural light will play off the pattern at different times of the day, revealing intricacies and details of its floral and feathered print. Also because the wallpaper print is quite gentle, it’s totally okay to introduce other patterns like what’s happening here with the accent pillows and bed skirt.

Modern masculine bedroom wallpaper

This modern masculine bedroom uses a patterned wallpaper as the punctuation point of decor and eliminates the need for an over complicating bed headboard at all. Notice the bed cover matches the main colour of the wallpaper as well.(found on darrenpalmer)

Chocolate brown wallpaper bedroom

Take a vacation everyday with a bedroom inspired by an ocean breezy room from the coasts of Spain. We are obsessed with this bold red poppy patterned wallpaper and open French doors. A rich chocolate brown, simple white, and sexy red can work well together, especially when the setting sun hits it through your windows. Bring the palm trees inside with some greenery, install warm red hued lighting, and beachy shutters to complete this Mediterranean paradise look.(found on Houzz)

Contemporary bedroom with skylight windows

This bedroom is already interesting enough with angled ceilings and open skylights, but an unexpected pop of colour from the psychedelic hydrangea patterned wallpaper in the corner makes this bedroom the definition of cool.(found on fenstermann)
Grey pattern wallpaper

Skip the patterns and colours–don’t forget to play with wall texture options too. We’re loving this modern grey fabric texture on the walls of this bedroom. Because the texture is already intriguing, you don’t need much colour to make much of a statement.

Let us know your thoughts on bringing wallpaper back into the bedroom! 


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