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Beautiful Glass Pendants by Bocci – Pendant Chandeliers

Orbiting above you in a beautiful array, these modern glass pendants by Bocci create dramatic impact. Arrange a few together and you’ll get a glamorous glass pendant chandelier that produces a truly magical effect. The pendants vary in form so every chandelier will be unique. Dubbed ’28’, the pendants are designed to organize in a hexagonal configuration, ranging from 3 to 19 pieces per chandelier. Composed of blown glass, each pendant comes with built-in low voltage halogen or LED light. This modern minimalist design is so versatile that it would coordinate with many interior design styles and the design arrangement possibilities are unlimited. Add the sparkle of the 28 to your home. Visit Bocci for details.

Here’s the description and image of Bocci’s pendants latest installation at Milano Fuori Salone 2010, by 28’s designer Omer Arbel:
“At Rossana Orlandi’s space, Arbel has nestled an overwhelming number of these pieces together to create a cohesive environment with its own rules of perspective, movement, and composition. The floor is treated with a continuous mirror, reflecting perfectly the constellation of chandeliers above – with the visitor is suspended in limbo in between. As the viewer approaches the room, the mirrored surface of the walkable floor reflects the chandeliers above, modulating the space with both direct and indirect light. Entering, one becomes completely immersed in a subtle brightness that creates a powerful phenomenological situation. The installation is intended to create a separate, highly defined environment, separate from the surrounding world around us. In this contained environment, the qualities of the new 28 chandelier become tangible, and are manipulated and composed to communicate an emotional / intuitive imperative.”
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