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Laser Cut Metal Pendants: Fire Lily by Amichai Oron

Amichai Oron operates a small boutique studio and it is here that these stunning laser cut orbs of swirling blossoms are created. While giving the appearance of freeform design, the spheres are actually first produced from a precise two-dimensional shape of mathematical precision has been cut out from flat, sheet metal via a laser manufacturing process. It is only after the “arms” of the sheet metal are folded up into the finished globular shape that the blossoms take on an organic formation of random energy. The blossoms removed from their 2D format become a composition that appears so unplanned that the human eye cannot – no matter how hard it tries – figure out the original geometry.

When all traces of natural light have disappeared from the sky, the Fire Lily fixture really does offer a sense of fire as the inner bulb glows against its metallic cage.
The Turquoise Fire Lily has an ethereal quality and how stunning would this fixture look in a Seaside decor?
The yellow Fire Lily is the perfect modern accent piece to hang above a pair on night tables. The shadow effects on the ceiling would create art high above the bed and the yellow pops of colour during the day would be a fun addition to any room.
In today’s kitchens full of stainless steel appliances, pale woods and white countertops, the cream version of the Fire Lily would be an artistic statement of subtle pattern over a bar in a row of 3.
The red globe of blossoms reminds me of an autumn breeze, swirling blossoms and leaves across my garden path. I envision this one in my entryway.
Orion tries to connect order and chaos, logic and emotion within his designs and the randomness of these precise geometric designs does just that.
At 40Hx60D cm, the Fire Lily grande is easily adapted to many locations and the colour choices of black, cream, red, Torquiose, as well as custom colours makes it suitable for most decors.
Armichai Oron


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