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Bathroom Faucets from Zucchetti – new FR, SB and Wosh faucets

The new FR, SB and Wosh bathroom faucets from Zucchetti are inspired faucets made to mirror your distinctive personality and character. The FR (seen above) stands for ‘fully round’ – this bathroom faucet is modern, approachable and easy-on-the-eye. The cylindrical form is highly reflective and a pleasure to use and experience. SB (below) is ‘simply beautiful’ – stunning simplicity makes this gleaming faucet far from ordinary. Finally, the Wosh faucet (also seen below), inspired by diamonds, is daring, multi-faceted and geometric. Designed by William Sawaya, the Wosh faucet was motivated by his anti-minimal inclinations, and intended to have opulent, gem-like brilliance. If these faucets strike your bathroom fancy, be sure to contact Zucchetti.


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