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Modern Bathroom Faucet from M&Z – Teo showcases a stylish silhouette

M&Z Teo faucet in classic chrome
The Teo bathroom faucet is a cutting edge design from M&Z. Totally modern, the stark and straightforward design has a sculptural appeal. An easy-to-operate push lever rests on the top of the faucet, mirroring the iconic jutting spout. The sleek lines of the form are added to with a range of self-confident finishes to complement your bathroom decor perfectly. They range from a classic chrome, to enticing golds and rich burgundys. So unusual in both form and hue, the Teo bathroom faucets are an exciting option for those who enjoy exploring design with a splash of color. Broaden your bathroom’s horizons with the exclusive Teo bathroom faucet range from M&Z.
M&Z Teo shower mixer in burgundy
M&Z Teo faucet in gold

M&Z Teo faucet - modern profile


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