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Bathroom Designs from Simas – Flow and Bohemien Bathrooms

The intensity of bold blocks of color is predominant in these striking bathroom design ideas from Simas. Made even more powerful paired with strong geometrical shapes, the Flow and Bohemien Bathroom Designs pack a visual punch! The Bohemien Design features the new Simas Bohemien tub – a bold oval tub with a contrasting rectangular block behind it to home the faucet and handles. The Flow design is neat, modern look with the clutter-free effect of the suspended toilet and bidet, shown here in crisp white or daring black. The black design idea is so unusual in that all items in the bathroom are black: the furniture is black, the rug is black, the chunky accessories are black, and even the frame of the mirror is black. Talk about a high impact idea – use the classic color combination of red, white and black in a new way to create this look from Simas.



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