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Brilliant Bathroom Design Ideas from Kaldewei

These inspired bathroom design ideas from Kaldewei show the extent of the company’s vision. So different, yet each so luxurious… In the first design shown here the glamorous shower takes centre stage – quite literally – surrounded by dramatic red drapes. Located within the bedroom itself, the heavy, sensual drapes further separate the showering area and provide a touch of privacy. The Piatto oversized circular shower base adds to the impact with its unusual lightweight aspect. Turned up at the edge, the shower plate practically floats. Next, Kaldewei focuses on the relaxing effects of colored built-in LED lights in a whirlpool bathtub. The modern, rectangular bathtub has a stone finish that blends it into the wall itself. An attractive slated panel also continues around the room from over the tub to unite the decor. The whole corner area is illuminated from the LED light within the Vivo Turbo bathtub, adding a futuristic ambiance. The last featured bathroom idea from Kaldewei involves a lot of water everywhere. This bathroom looks simply amazing – water within water within water. The seascape outside is the beginning. Then, there is a shallow pool which unites the inside and outside. And finally, the Bassino bathtub appears to be floating in this pool, giving a sensation of boundless freedom to bathing…



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