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Modern Barnwood Furniture by North on Sixty

Environmental awareness and great design are achieved through North on Sixty’s modern barnwood furniture collection. Ranging from sofas to tables to storage and entertainment units, each furniture is a custom piece of incredible character and back-story. “Chesterfield”, pictured above, is fashioned from a combination of recycled exterior Pine and Hemlock barnwood boards and solid steel for the framing. Leather and soy-based fabrics are used for upholstery. The entertainment unit, pictured below, is built for various forms of storage, such as audio-visual equipment, dining support (for equipment and bottles), and general use. The furniture piece is made out of pine board veneer and steel framing, finished with cherry veneer plywood to provide texture and detail. The materials used in North of Sixty’s creations are of sustainable and high quality. The barnwood used for their furniture is found within considerable distance from their production facility, in order to save transportation costs. North on Sixty is a company based in North America, that focuses on sustainable design and the preservation of the processes and material sources connected to and outside their creative process. Their motto, “Waste not.” and the actuation of this can be seen on their website, North on Sixty.



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