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Barbecue Fire Pits – Gryll-L fire pit grill by Wodtke

Since the dawn of time, man has been drawn to an open fire like a moth to a flame, and this cool new barbecue fire pit grill has renewed that primitive magnetism with a sophisticated new look and feel. The Gryll-L barbecue fire pit by Wodtke isn’t your typical grill – it’s an outdoor attraction! The stacked design features wood storage conveniently tucked beneath the firebox. The whole piece is made with pre-treated and oxidized rusted steel that gives it a rustic, outdoorsy appeal perfect for any outside space. With firewood in easy reach and a warm, flickering flame, all that’s missing for a party-in-the-making is cold beer, hot food and your closest friends. Check out this outdoor essential at Wodtke.



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