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Graceful Banquette Seating Ideas You’ll Love

It’s time to rethink, reimagine, and redesign our eating space and consider banquette seating. There is nothing quite like it, not only is it charming and graceful but it reminds us of our favorite diner or restaurant. Furthermore, it’s one of the best pieces to incorporate when you have a large family. Whether you’re into statement seating or you want a new twist to your eating space, these ideas are sure to spike your creativity. Especially if you have a space in your kitchen that needs a little something extra.

Royal Purple

Take your purple seating to the next level by adding leather seats. The leather aspect will create a contrasting appeal that makes the room look and feel charming with an edge.

Purple is one of those hues that oozes royalty, there is something about it that feels fit for a king. Therefore, if you want to add something chic and royal consider an upholstered purple banquette chair and pair it with a simple table. You want your seating to be the statement while the table is simply functional. It’s all about being luxurious without screaming “I have a luxury item here.” Use a metallic chandelier to truly offset the color pairing.

Edgy Leather

If you truly want to create an edge go for a custom touch. Having a custom approach will instantly upgrade and elevate the space.

Anywhere you place a leather item, it will instantly take over the room. It’s one of those materials that is commanding yet edgy and mysterious. A leather banquette paired with a white table and a minimal chandelier can be the perfect addition to a room that needs a touch of charm without going overboard. It’s one of those items that will instantly captivate the entire range.

Breakfast Nook

In the act that you need additional seating, it is perfectly fine to bring in a few chairs that make the room feel chic and charming

One of the best ways to work with a banquette is to bring it into a breakfast nook. Breakfast nooks are great to have, they give you an additional space to have meals in while you cook or do homework with your children. Add a tufted banquette space and allow it to be the main focus by using a fabric with a bold pattern. Whether that be flowers, stripes, or even both, the pattern display will instantly make the room come to life. Pair with a rug in a unique shade and you have an innovative mod approach.

Casual Stripes

If you don’t want to have stripes everywhere, consider adding them in casually with throw pillows that engage the room.

If you really want to bring in a diner experience directly to your home, consider a striped banquette. Not only are stripes a classic pattern to have but they instantly make any space feel cozy. Additionally, its an excellent excuse to give your kitchen or living room a diner appeal now that you can’t exactly go sit at a diner and enjoy a warm breakfast. Think of it as a nostalgic way of embracing the room.

Neutral Palette

Add a few rattan elements to keep the space neutral yet intriguing to the eye all at once.

While there are people who like a casual approach there are others who would rather have a neutral touch. For a neutral touch that is anything but boring, you want to bring in as many nude shades as possible. The key is working them in slowly and allowing them to feel grand on their very own. It’s the ultimate form of flattering the décor you already have without going overboard.

Colorful Stools

Go big or go home by bringing in bold stools in colorful finishes such as red, or even orange. Blend them in with colorful cushions for the perfect appeal.

Just because you have a banquette for seating doesn’t mean you can’t add additional seats. The key is working with a neutral table and banquette display and adding colorful stools. Whether you use stools with no backing or ones with the backing you want the cushion seats to be bold in color. Contemplate using shades of purple, blue, yellow, orange, or red to make a statement that engulfs the entire room. This works best if you already have a colorful display as part of your kitchen décor.


Bringing a custom approach will instantly make the room have an elevated appeal that enhances the room overall.

Opt for custom banquette seating to fully embrace the room’s square footage. It’s all about making the room feel as if nothing has changed, but you have added a sprinkle of sophistication to an empty space in your dining area. Make it come to life by bringing a bold light fixture, with some sort of charm, even if that means having a larger than life chandelier.

Tufted Approach

Keep your tufted approach, seamlessly by bringing it as much as possible. Add it in with the chairs and the banquette.

Whether you like the idea of added an extra dose of texture to your eating space or you simply want to add character without having to go overboard, bring a tufted approach is an excellent option. Tufted furniture tends to have a welcoming aesthetic, with just a hint of character. Use a tufted banquette and pair it with tufted chairs so that the entire space feels fuller and feminine.


Give your floral approach the ultimate appeal by pairing it with your curtains. Doing so creates a chic display that is seamless.

Now that we are in the Springtime, florals are making their big entrance once again. If you read our trends for Spring article, then you know florals are one of those patterns that are taking over this time of year. Bring in subdued florals to make the pattern less bold and easier on the eye, this will work exceptionally well if you already have bold colors and patterns in the space. Work with lighter shades and pair your florals with charming chairs to perfect your new display.


Give the room a chic approach with an all-white display and allow it to be the main focus. Add a few hints of silver here and there for the perfect display.

For an all-white kitchen, it only makes sense to have an all-white banquette as well. The key is using cotton as the main material. It’s all about embracing the color palette going with the best display possible. Bring in rich shades of white and off-white for a chic color range that makes sense to the room. Use chairs with a silver finish to complete the look overall. It’s all about working a display that makes the room feel still white but with a contrasting touch.

When it comes to a banquette display which of these are you most interested in? Share with us your ideas and even cushion display options below.


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