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BainUltra’s ThermoMasseur Air Bath (Ayoura) – A Spa Retreat

Why Ayoura? Because it is one of its kind. It is like having spa at home. It is the most advanced ThermoMasseur. The Ayoura series provides the best hydro-thermo massage a bath can give. The BainUltra system is based on air jets strategically placed throughout this Ultra Bath. These air jets massage your entire body by creating an acupressure effect. The pressure remains constant throughout the bath and completely encompasses your body.
What is hydro-thermo massage? Essentially, hydro-thermo massage is a therapy technique that combines air, water, and heat, and to which you can add a variety of natural aromatherapy products like salts, oils, and soaps for specific results. Don’t you want to feel an exciting smell of eucalyptus?
What hydro-thermo massage does? According to Bain Ultra, by surrounding you with energetic streams of air and water “hydro-thermo massage relaxes body and mind, reduces stress levels, relaxes tight muscles, makes joints more flexible, soothes backaches, relieves pain related to arthritis and rheumatism, conditions and cleanses the skin, stimulates circulation, purifies your body’s systems, balances the functioning of your internal organs, helps to replenish vital energy.” Parameters: lenth 78″, width 38″, height 27″. BainUltra (UltraBath)


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