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Autoluxe automatic faucets by Mac Faucets – decorative automation

As we have mentioned before, the automatic faucet is quickly making its way into our everyday lives. This is the Autoluxe automatic faucet from Mac Faucets. By moving your hands between 2 and 6 inches away from the faucet, the battery powered water source will provide 2.2gpm of flow. The water will run for a maximum of 60 seconds. This is a great faucet for hygienic and water conservation concerns. The Autoluxe and many other models available through Mac Faucets are suited for residential as well as commercial use. The Autoluxe is one of 6 models of faucets available from Mac Faucets. All these faucets are available in 20 finishes. Shown is Autoluxe FA400-106 in Polished Chrome for $349.89. The webpage for Mac Faucets has much more info including pricing and specs.


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