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Summer Home Clad in Wood, Outfitted with Contemporary Details in their Raw Forms

This summer house located in Southern Burgenland, Austria was designed by Vienna based Judith Benzer Architektur to fit into its countryside surroundings, with a classic “house” shape and a traditional material taken to the next level. Completely clad in wood from the tip of its roof right down to the ground, the house evokes a sense of serenity that is only possible through nature.

The home’s horizontal timber planks continue down its walls and along the ground as a wood deck, which appears as a shadow of sorts, echoing the home’s silhouette and style.
A horizontal row of windows features matching wood shutters that, when folded closed, create a shield of armor. When opened, the house takes on a warmer, more welcoming aesthetic while letting light flood interiors.
On further exploration, it’s clear that timber plays a more central role than just that of the exterior. The indoors are dressed in this natural honey toned material while maintaining a sense of modernity through the use of exposed concrete, steel and expansive windows. But whether we’re talking the use of wood or concrete or steel, these materials were all deliberately left untreated, shining in their raw form. The kitchen is simple by design, with wood walls and an open to above ceiling, but deliciously spiced up with contemporary style cabinets and appliances, while an industrial style staircase leads up to the private level upstairs.
Below grade, a wine cellar typical of the Southern Burgenland region in something to toast, anchoring the home as well as the homeowners’ lifestyle!
Judith Benzer Architektur
photo credit: Martin Weiß


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